Labour has missed a huge chance to reclaim devolution from the Conservatives

Alexandra Jones responds to Jeremy Corbyn's speech at Labour Party Conference

Press release published on 28 September 2016

In response to Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at Labour conference today, Alexandra Jones, Chief Executive of the think tank Centre for Cities, said:

“Jeremy Corbyn has missed a prime opportunity to seize the cities and devolution agenda back from the Conservatives, and put it at the heart of Labour policy as it prepares for a potential snap election.

“Improving transport and skills, allowing councils to borrow to build more homes, and investing more in research and development would all support growth. But, housing aside, too many of the measures announced today imply a top down, centralised approach, from a national education service to the nationalisation of railways.

“There was a lack of bold policies on devolution, such as enabling city regions to retain local tax revenues for investment – something which many Labour council leaders have called for.

“With ongoing speculation about the May government’s commitment to devolution, and Labour likely to win many of the metro mayor contests in May 2017, the party has missed a huge chance to steal a march and set out its own ambitious vision for giving more power to places and people.”


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