Has London become too dominant?

Alexandra Jones looks at some of the key findings of this year's Cities Outlook report

Press release published on 28 January 2014

The national economic recovery is a recovery in the South East of England. As Cities Outlook 2014 shows, London accounted for 79% of all private sector jobs created between 2010 and 2012.

This has only served to reinforce the capital’s acceleration away from the rest of the UK.

The role that London plays in the national economy has caused contention for decades. Bans on the building of new office space in the capital in the post-war period explicitly constrained its growth, while more recently commentators have debated whether both London and the rest of the UK would be better off if London went alone.

This is why, as economic recovery takes hold, Cities Outlook 2014 investigates the links between London and other cities in the UK. It assesses whether London sucks in talent from across the country; whether London’s growth comes at the expense of other places; and whether the rest of the country acts as a drain on London.

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