City Deals Wave 2

We welcome the news that 20 cities will have the opportunity to negotiate City Deals

Press release published on 18 February 2012

Alexandra Jones, Chief Executive of Centre for Cities said:

“It’s great news that 20 more cities will have will have the opportunity to negotiate deals with Government as part of the second wave of City Deals. Now it is imperative that both Government and cities deliver on their promise of jobs, growth and a new way of developing and delivering policy. For this to happen, Government must be ambitious, willing to work differently and open to new ideas, while cities must combine aspiration with pragmatism. As Government also prepares to respond to Heseltine’s recommendations about single pots for local areas, and the economy continues to struggle, the pressure is on Ministers, the eight Core Cities and now these 20 cities to demonstrate how devolution can benefit not just the local but also the national economy.”

Read our short note suggesting options for a ‘City Deals Core Package’ and another note offering insights from the Core City Deals.

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