Centre for Cities response to Cities Bill receiving Royal Assent

Our chief executive Alexandra Jones responds to the passing of the Cities Bill into law, and suggests it should be the beginning of the devolution process.

Press release published on 28 January 2016

In response to the Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill being granted Royal Assent, Alexandra Jones, Chief Executive of Centre for Cities said:

β€œThe granting of Royal Assent for this Act is a critical milestone in the devolving of substantial powers to city-regions across the country.

β€œIn the short-term, it will enable the devolution deals already agreed for Greater Manchester, Sheffield city-region, Merseyside, the North East, the West Midlands and Tees Valley to be delivered in the coming year. It will also allow for the finalising of similar deals with other city-regions across the county.

β€œBut the passing of the Bill should be the beginning of the devolution process, not the end. Over the longer-term city-regions will want to build on the progress made so far, and emulate their international peers, by taking on greater control over, and responsibility for, money raised and spent in their area.”

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