‘Buy local’ Corbynomics won’t save struggling cities from post-Brexit uncertainty

Andrew Carter writes for the Times on how to help Britain's left-behind places deal with the uncertainty of Brexit

Press release published on 17 November 2017 by Andrew Carter

One of the big challenges for the government in its upcoming budget and industrial strategy is to explain how it will help the UK’s left behind places cope with the uncertainty ahead as we leave the EU.

In this context, Preston has emerged as the somewhat unlikely model for a prosperous post-Brexit Britain, with a string of recent articles and op eds hailing the city as offering the economic blueprint for other UK cities to follow.

This is thanks to the council’s strategy for boosting the city’s economy by buying local – that is, giving contracts for services or products to local businesses rather than firms based elsewhere – and encouraging other public institutions to do the same, including colleges, the police and a housing association.

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