Automation will bring big opportunities, but we need to act now

Andrew Carter argues in a blog post for IWA Click on Wales that automation will bring big opportunities to Welsh cities, but we need to act now to prepare people for the changes ahead

Press release published on 21 February 2018 by Andrew Carter

Automation, artificial intelligence and globalisation are among the biggest economic issues of our age. As Lee Waters described on this blog last week, these changes will have a profound impact on the way we live and work in the coming years. This is particularly true in Wales’ three biggest cities – Cardiff, Swansea and Newport – which are home to around a third of the total population of Wales, and more than a third of all jobs.

However, if we look back over the past century, it’s clear that automation is a continuation of trends that have affected cities across Britain for more than a century. And while they will undoubtedly bring significant disruption and challenges, they will also bring significant new opportunities.

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