Keep business in Leeds city centre and flats outside

Writing for the Yorkshire Post, Andrew Carter argues that tough calls will be needed as to whether the city centre should be prioritised as a place for work or to live

Press release published on 26 March 2018 by Andrew Carter

The urban transformation of Leeds has been obvious in the rapidly changing face of the city centre, and the ever-present cranes heralding new developments.

Different parts of Leeds have different roles to play in the city’s economy, For example, it is not by accident that businesses (especially high-paying ones) choose to locate in the centre of cities like Leeds, rather than the suburban outskirts. They do because the city centre offers them the access to clients, other relevant businesses, workers and infrastructure that they need to thrive.

In contrast, housing can be built in most other parts of the city. And if the city’s leaders are to protect the commercial space which has been critical in attracting jobs and opportunities for residents of Leeds, then it needs to consider building home in other areas of the city.

Read more in the Yorkshire Post.


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