Event catch up: Cities Outlook 2019 launch

The full audio from the launch event of Cities Outlook 2019, with a focus on the impact of austerity on UK cities over the last decade

Podcast published on 29 January 2019

The full audio of the launch event for Cities Outlook 2019. The event, which was chaired by Andrew Carter, heard from a lively panel consisting of Councillor Nick Forbes, leader of Newcastle City Council, Abi Brown, deputy leader of Stoke-on-Trent City Council and Professor Tony Travers from the London School of EconomicsPaul Swinney, from the Centre for Cities, also gave an overview of the facts, figures and findings presented in the report.

This year’s edition of Cities Outlook, the definitive guide to the economic performance of the UK’s 63 biggest cities, provides a timely analysis of the impact a decade of austerity has had on cities across the country. Ahead of this year’s Spending Review, the report offers the Government key recommendations after austerity, focusing on supporting urban economic growth for the benefit of the wider national economy.

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