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City Talks: Dafni Papoutsaki on the links between internal migration and social mobility

Dr Dafni Papoutsaki from the Institute for Employment Studies discusses her new research on the links between internal migration and social mobility.

Podcast published on 26 August 2020

For lots of young people, leaving their hometowns to head to university or build a career is an important rite of passage. Many people still head to London in search of those streets paved with gold, but in recent years other cities such as Manchester and Glasgow have also drawn in increasing numbers of people.

However, as a new paper from the Social Mobility Commission – Moving Out to Move On –  shows, those who choose to move to prosperous cities such as London are usually more from privileged backgrounds and have university degrees. Meanwhile, people from less privileged backgrounds are less likely to move altogether – and those that do tend to move to less economically successful areas and, as a result, have fewer opportunities open to them, even after they move.

To discuss this issue in more detail, Andrew Carter is joined by Dr Dafni Papoutsaki, Research Fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies and co-author of the Social Mobility Commission’s report.

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