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City Talks: Michael Parkinson on bringing Liverpool back from the brink

In this episode of City Talks, Andrew Carter is joined by Professor Michael Parkinson to discuss Liverpool's economic, social and political regeneration.

Podcast published on 31 July 2019

Thirty years ago Liverpool was a city teetering on the brink. Years of economic decline were breaking the former imperial city’s social and political fabric. The scale of the challenge facing Liverpool was so great that many commentators predicted that it would never recover.

They were wrong.

To discuss Liverpool’s remarkable social and economic recovery, Andrew Carter is joined by Professor Michael Parkinson, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor for Civic Engagement at the University of Liverpool and author of Liverpool Beyond the Brink: The Remaking of a Post Imperial City.

Professor Parkinson charts the journey that Liverpool has made since its mid-1980s nadir, explains the measures taken to pull it back from the brink and offers his thoughts on what lessons Liverpool’s regeneration has for other cities.

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