City Talks

City Talks: How are cities across the globe responding to Covid-19?

Andrew Carter is joined by resident experts from across the globe to discuss how their cities are responding to Coronavirus.

Podcast published on 3 July 2020

Cities have been epicenters of the global Covid-19 pandemic. While life for the public has changed immeasurably in just a few short months, urban authorities have also had to quickly respond to new challenges and responsibilities to keep their residents safe – often bringing them into conflict with national and state governments.

To discuss how the public and policymakers across the globe have adapted to the pressures of the pandemic, Andrew Carter is joined by resident experts from three cities:

  • CityMetric’s Editor Sommer Mathis, in New York City, USA
  • Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Salvador Adriana Campelo, in Salvador, Brazil
  • Centre for Cities’ Senior Analyst Kathrin Enenkel, in Berlin, Germany

Together they reflect on their own experiences in lockdown in cities across the world, and provide insight into how their city, state and national governments have handled the crisis.

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