City Talks

City Talks: LSE’s Neil Lee on hipsters, geeks and the future of work

Neil Lee joins Andrew Carter to discuss innovation and the future of work.

Podcast published on 29 April 2020

As people become more used to working from home, many employers are now reconsidering their established working practices and potentially shifting towards a future where the traditional office plays a less central role.

But is this shift feasible in the long-term?

To discuss this, Andrew Carter is joined by Dr Neil Lee, Associate Professor of Economic Geography at the London School of Economics. Neil draws on his extensive research looking at the relationship between science, creativity and innovation to examine the interplay between the creative and non-creative sectors and how they foster innovation.

They also discuss the present Coronavirus pandemic. Neil concludes that while is will change how we use cities, face-to-face working still matters as a means to foster innovation.

He acknowledges support from the AHRC Policy and Evidence Centre for the Creative Industries for this.

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