City Talks: cities vs regions

Andrew talks to Brian Groom, Heather Jameson and Paul Dale about the tensions between cities and regions.

Podcast published on 10 March 2016

In this episode, Andrew looks at how ‘regional policy’ – the attempt to integrate struggling areas into the national economy – has become increasingly focused on how cities can pull up their surrounding regions. Why has this change taken place, and will it leave some non-urban areas behind? The conversation touches on the shift between Labour’s Regional Development Agencies and the Coalition’s City Deals, how local politicians have navigated between local rivalries and the need to work together when creating new ‘city-regions’, and whether we’ll see a return to regionalism. Joining Andrew to discuss these questions are Brian Groom, former senior editor at the Financial Times, Heather Jameson, Editor of The MJ, and Paul Dale, Chief Blogger at the Chamberlain Files.

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