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This episode of City Talks explores whether differences in the personality traits of citizens can explain variations in economic outcomes between cities – beyond the standard wisdom offered by economic geography.

Podcast published on 19 December 2018

Can resident personalities affect city performance?

Psychology and economics have historically been considered poles apart, but a belief that fresh insights into phenomena like economic growth can lie in the cross-disciplinary intersection between these two fields has brought them closer together.

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For this episode of City Talks, Andrew is joined by Harry Garretsen,  Professor of International Economics and Business at the University of Groningen and Janka Stoker, Professor of Leadership and Organisational Change at the same university. Along with colleagues, they are the authors of a brilliant and fascinating paper entitled The Relevance of Personality Traits for Economic Geography:  Making Space for Psychological Factors.

This paper, which forms a starting point for the podcast discussion, looks at geographically clustered personality traits, such as neuroticism and conscientiousness, in a sample of 63 different UK cities, and maps these characteristics onto the economic performance of these places.

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