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City Minutes: How the cost of living crisis is playing out across the UK

Andrew Carter is joined by Valentine Quinio and Guilherme Rodrigues to unpack the findings of their latest report looking at the UK’s cost of living crisis.

Podcast published on 14 July 2022

The cost of living crisis is dominating headlines, with the debate so far largely focusing on the burden felt by households, individuals and socio-economic groups.

Centre for Cities’ latest report, Out of pocket: the places at the sharp end of the UK’s cost of living crisis examines the crisis using a place-based approach for the very first time, to determine how the current squeeze on incomes is likely to be felt across the UK’s cities and largest towns.

For this episode of City Minutes, Senior Analyst Valentine Quinio and Analyst Guilherme Rodrigues join Chief Executive Andrew Carter to unpack the key findings of the report.

Together, they discuss, the drivers behind the geography of the cost of living crisis, whether the support provided by the Government is enough, and what short term and long term interventions can be put in place to ensure people and places are supported now and in the years to come.

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