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City Minutes: How has homeworking impacted urban high streets?

Valentine Quinio and Andrew Carter discuss the key findings from Centre for Cities' latest briefing, Homeworking and the high street.

Podcast published on 22 June 2022

Before Covid, the office-based workforce was key to the health of the high street. Now, despite the reopening of the economy, office workers in some of our strongest cities are yet to return in the numbers we saw pre-pandemic, raising questions over what’s next for our high streets.

For this episode of City Minutes, Senior Analyst Valentine Quinio joins Chief Executive Andrew Carter to set out the main findings of our latest briefing Homeworking and the high street.

They explore the state of play pre-pandemic, how successive lockdowns and shifts to homeworking have impacted high streets, and what – in the context of the ‘new normal’ of hybrid working –  is now needed for city centres to adapt and thrive.

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