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City Minutes: How do transport networks in big UK cities measure up to their Western European peers?

Senior Analyst Anthony Breach and Researcher Guilherme Rodrigues join Andrew Carter to discuss the main findings of their recent report comparing intra-urban public transport in the UK and Europe’s biggest cities.

Podcast published on 12 November 2021

Centre for Cities’ recent research conducts the first comprehensive comparison between transport networks of large British cities and their Western European peers. It reveals that poor urban transport costs the UK more than £21 billion per year, with less than half of people in big cities outside of London able to reach their city centre quickly using public transport.

For this episode of City Minutes, Anthony Breach and Guilherme Rodrigues – authors of Centre for Cities’ recent report – join Chief Executive Andrew Carter to discuss the differences between how European cities are planned and built in comparison to those in the UK, and the wider implications this has for the levelling up agenda.

You can read the aforementioned report, Measuring up: Comparing public transport in the UK and Europe’s biggest cities, here.

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