City Minutes

City Minutes: Exploring the cities versus towns debate

Senior Analyst Kathrin Enenkel on the relationship between UK cities and towns and the implications this has for people and policy makers.

Podcast published on 8 September 2021

The cities versus towns debate is often unhelpfully pitched as an ‘us versus them’ scenario. What is the nature of the economic relationship between cities and towns and how does it play out across the UK? What implications does the debate have for policy makers and people alike?

This City Minutes explores these questions as part of our wider ongoing work into the performance of UK towns in the context of levelling up.

In the first episode, host Andrew Carter is joined by Centre for Cities’ Senior Analyst Kathrin Enenkel to discuss the symbiotic relationship between cities and towns and how they benefit from each other.

Explore our work on levelling up towns here. 

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