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Local Elections 2023 – Key Urban Battlegrounds

Jess Tulasiewicz

With this set of local elections testing Labour’s ability to win back seats in towns and cities in the Red Wall and beyond, we’ve picked out some of the key urban contests to have on your radar as voters head to the polls on 4 May.

Blog Post 26 Apr 2023
London inequality
City Talks
City Talks: How inequality is changing

Series: City Talks

A discussion on how inequality is changing and how the language we use in public policy is not keeping pace with the society we live in.

Podcast 24 Apr 2023
Cost of living tracker

The UK is in the grip of a cost of living crisis, and there is a clear North-South divide in how it is playing out across the country. Explore the latest data for your city or large town.

Data 19 Apr 2023