General Election 2019

Cities make a huge contribution to the UK’s prosperity. They account for around 60 per cent of jobs, business starts and growth in the economy. Yet, there is huge regional variation in this: cities in Southern England are almost 50 per cent more productive than those elsewhere in the UK.

If politicians seeking the public’s votes on 12 December want to make Britain a more prosperous and productive place to live then the economic performance of cities needs to be considered at this election.

Policy priorities for the next government

Appraising the parties’ adult education promises

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Two-thirds of the future 2030 workforce have already left compulsory education. It will therefore be impossible to fix the UK's skills shortages and improve productivity without a complete shift in culture towards adult education and lifelong learning.

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More power for cities

The next Government should set out a clear plan for ensuring that all of the existing metro mayors, and any new ones created, are given powers and resources comparable to their international counterparts. This means powers to alter council tax bands, retain and pool a share of stamp duty and business rates, and introduce new taxes.

City Talks: General election special — The towns’ election? With Will Tanner and Rachel Lawrence

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How to fix the housing shortage – permanently


To boost the economy, reduce inequality, and address the causes of Brexit, the next government should focus on not just boosting national housebuilding numbers, but on planning reform to ensure that those new houses are located in the cities with the highest demand.

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General Election 2019
More state more growth?

Kathrin Enenkel

More state more growth? The economic implications of moving parts of the government to the North.

Blog Post 2 Dec 2019