Workshop on city assets: Sweating it out

Research workshop asking how can cities maximise the value of their public sector assets to support economic growth.

Event starts at 11:30 on 23 September 2015 at London; contact for details

We’ll be running a small research workshop exploring how cities and their partners can maximise the value of public sector assets to help support economic growth.

In an era of diminishing local budgets, the event, supported by Turner & Townsend, will help to inform new research highlighting the varying land and property asset management strategies that cities in the UK have taken in order to maximise the value of public sector assets locally. The work will draw on practical lessons and insights for policymakers across the country.

Attendees will be presented with interim findings from the report, before being invited to discuss and debate the most effective ways to manage public assets. In particular the workshop will ask:

  • Can the public sector asset base provide sustainable revenue streams to reinvest in growth and services?
  • How can land and property asset management become more integrated with local strategies for economic growth?
  • How can cities work with local and national partners such as Government departments, Network Rail and HCA to maximise local public assets?

This workshop is by invitation only but if you are interested in taking part, or hearing more about the work, please contact Rita Beden.


Supported by Turner & Townsend