Transforming a city with better use of evidence with Governor Martin O’Malley

The Centre for Cities was delighted to hold a roundtable, in partnership with the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth, with Governor Martin O'Malley, who as Mayor of Baltimore, encouraged better use of data for bold, evidence-based, policy making in the city.

Event starts on 18 September 2014 at Westminster, London

This event has already taken place, but you can read a note about the discussion here.

The Centre for Cities and What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth are delighted to host a high level roundtable discussing how regional policymaking and local economic growth can be transformed through making better use of evidence. We are delighted to be joined at this meeting by Martin O’Malley, Governor of Maryland, who will discuss his experiences of using data to support economic growth during his time as Mayor of Baltimore.

This event will be an opportunity for a select group of senior level attendees from local and national government, business and academia to exchange ideas about how better use of evidence could transform cities. The discussion will cover questions such as:

  • What are some of the big challenges facing cities around the world, particularly around local economic growth, and how can better use of data and evidence help them tackle these challenges?
  • What more do cities and national government need to do to gather and use data to improve city governance?
  • What can the UK learn from the US in evidence-based policymaking and vice versa? What works and why?
  • How can cities and national government ensure that policies are developed with the evidence in mind? Does politics get in the way?

The event is by invitation only, if you are interested in attending please email: