The march of the city place makers

Catch up with our event in Birmingham discussing the role of civic and business leadership in delivering place- shaping strategies for city centres.

Event starts at 9.45am -12.30pm on 19 June 2019 at Birmingham

This event in partnership with Montagu Evans discussed the role of civic and business leadership in delivering place-shaping strategies for city centres.

Cities bring together workers, businesses and shoppers, and do so primarily in their city centres. As hubs for employment, as well as leisure activity, more often than not, the UK’s most successful cities have thriving centres.

Yet while city centres have a number of interrelated roles to play in the economic and social life of a city, many places have faced difficult circumstances in recent years. The ‘death of the high street’ has been a high profile symptom of what are often deeper economic challenges.

If cities are to resolve these wider challenges, it will be up to more than just the local council to bring forward the kinds of investments needed to turn their fortunes around. This half-day workshop gave cities, businesses, land and property experts the chance to discuss the ways that existing collaboration between public and private are already inspiring a step-change in city centres, and consider how to improve and build on existing good practice.

This event heard from from, Cllr Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford City Council, Martin Reeves, Coventry City Council, Philippa Venables, Swindon Borough Council, Geoff Wright, MADE, Kay Hughes, National Infrastructure Commission and Alan Harris, Montagu Evans.

This event is supported by Montagu Evans

Watch this catch-up video to see the main highlights of the event.

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