The levelling up dilemma: who will deliver levelling up?

Online briefing and Q&A

Event starts at 11.00- 12.00 on 14 September 2021 at Online

For nearly two years the Government has promised to level-up the country and increase economic prosperity outside the Greater South East, but big questions still remain about how it plans to do this.

What does levelling up mean, and how committed is the Government to delivering meaningful long-term economic change? What roles will it allow local government in bringing about this change and will it provide local leaders the power and resources that they need to play their part in the levelling up agenda?

This event explored these questions in more detail, unpicked the inherent dilemmas within the levelling up agenda and discussed how the Government can turn rhetoric into reality.


  • Joanne Roney, CEO, Manchester City Council
  • Jill Rutter, Senior Research Fellow, UK in a Changing Europe
  • Mark Sandford, Senior Research Analyst, House of Commons

The event was chaired by Andrew Carter, Chief Executive at Centre for Cities

Watch a recording of the event here:

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