The levelling up dilemma: innovation here, there or everywhere?

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Event starts at 11.00-12.00 on 7 September 2021 at Online

The Government has promised to level up the country and bring economic growth everywhere in the UK. Many agree that innovation and R&D funding will play a central role in delivering reshaping the economic geography of the country.

Can the Government strike the right balance between pursuing innovation and levelling up? Should the Government go for excellence or equity? Will research funding outside ‘the golden triangle’ of London, Oxford and Cambridge increase productivity and regional growth or simply disperse scarce resources?

This event explored the questions and the dilemmas inside the UK innovation policy and levelling up.


  • Diana Beech, Chief Executive Officer, London Higher
  • Tom Forth, Head of Data, ODI Leeds

The event was chaired by Andrew Carter, Chief Executive at Centre for Cities


Watch a recording of the event here:

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