How do UK cities compare to European counterparts?

Event with the European Commission on how UK cities measure up to their continental competitors.

Event starts at 12-2pm on 25 November 2016 at London

Centre for Cities is organising an event with the European Commission looking at how UK cities are performing in comparison to their European counterparts, and how cities from across the continent can share best practice.

The audience will hear from Lewis Dijkstra, Deputy Head of the Economic Analysis Unit of the DG Regional and Urban Policy at the European Commission, who will present on the findings of the State of European Cities Report 2016 and set out the European Commission’ plans to support the Urban Agenda for the EU as well as the United Nations’ New Urban Agenda.

Andrew Carter, Deputy Chief Executive of Centre for Cities, will also set out the sobering findings of the recent report Competing with the Continent, showing that UK cities outside the South East are being caught up, and in some cases overtaken, by cities across Eastern and Western Europe in terms of skill-levels and productivity.

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