City-region statistics: what are the issues and how could they be improved?

We're co-hosting a workshop with the UK Statistics Authority on how cities can make better use of data.

Event starts at 10.30 on 10 March 2016 at Centre for Cities Office

To help improve the production and use of city-region statistics, Centre for Cities and the UK Statistics Authority are co-hosting a workshop for city practitioners, academics and data producers to explore how they can work together to identify potential priorities for further work.

The event will include short presentations from data users in Greater Manchester and Leeds and from data producers in the Office for National Statistics and BIS, among others. There will also be comment from academics active in this area.

Key questions to be covered include:

  • What statistics (official and ‘other’) are being used by cities at present to help with decision making?
  • What are the challenges with these statistics?
  • What would be the priority official statistical needs to try and improve?
  • What are the opportunities for addressing these priorities?

The workshop is invitation only, but if you would like more information please contact Simon Jeffrey.