City Assets: how can cities use public sector assets to support economic growth?

This private roundtable will discuss the different approach cities take to sweat their assets

Event starts at 11am-12.30pm on 26 November 2015 at Contact for details

The economic downturn and public funding cuts have changed the role of public sector land and property assets and asset management within cities. In the wake of the Comprehensive Spending Review, this roundtable to launch our latest report, supported by Turner & Townsend, will identify and examine the different approaches that cities across the country are taking to sweat their assets, helping provide revenue streams in the context of austerity and budget cuts, as well as to support local economic growth.

Guests at the roundtable will hear from cities on the practical steps they have taken to make use of public assets and examine:

  • As local budgets are cut further, how can the public sector asset base provide sustainable revenue streams to reinvest in growth and services?
  • In what ways are local partners using their public asset base to shape and support economic development of their places?
  • How are partners addressing the tensions between short-term financial gains and long-term strategic goals for economic development?
  • How can cities work with other public sector partners, particularly Government departments, Network Rail and HCA, to maximise the value of local public assets?

This is an invitation only event but if you are interested in coming along, contact Simon Jeffrey.