Cities Outlook 2018 Launch

What will the jobs be in 2020 - and where?

Cities Outlook 2018 explored issues around the future of work and automation

Event starts at 12.30 on 29 January 2018 at City Hall, London

On 29 January 2018, we launched the 2018 edition of Cities Outlook.

As well as providing the latest data for 63 cities on key aspects of their economies such as business growth, housing and skills, the 2018 report will explore the potential impact of continuing technological, demographic and globalisation changes. It will highlight the types of jobs that are likely to be lost and those likely to grow in the future, the cities more or less likely to be affected by these employment changes, and how they can best prepare for the labour market of the future.

We heard from speakers:

  • Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol
  • Gemma Tetlow, FT Economic Correspondent
  • Naomi Climer, President of the IET

Listen to the event in full

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