Career ladders or career canyons?

This seminar, supported by JRF, launched a new report looking at how jobs are changing across UK cities.

Event starts on 4 September 2014 at Westminster, London

In cities across the country, the landscape of employment is changing. This is not simply about having, or not having, a job. It’s also about what kind of job and what the opportunities are. Increasingly, cities are home both to more lower-skilled, lower-paid jobs and to more higher-paid, higher-skilled ones. Jobs at the mid-level are decreasing and the chances for individuals to progress from one job-type to another are diminishing with them.

To coincide with a major report launch, the Centre for Cities is holding a high level debate to ask what the future holds for workers as the employment landscape changes. The event will ask what role both the private sector and national and local policy might have in bridging the gap between job types, allowing individuals a way out of low-paid work. We will also discuss how business can be supported to develop and grow their workers and what institutions, from local government to further education colleges and universities, could be doing to level the employment playing field.

We’re delighted to welcome speakers:

  • Tom Bridges, Chief Economic Development Officer, Leeds City Council
  • Lesley Giles, Deputy Director, UKCES
  • Julia Unwin, Chief Executive, JRF
  • and Alexandra Jones, Chief Executive, Centre for Cities (Chair)

The event will take place in central London at lunch time on 4 September and is free to attend, but registration is essential. For full details, and if you would like to come along, contact: / 020 7803 4303.