At the heart of everything we do is data and evidence. Explore our interactive data tools and dashboards for all the city stats you need.

More Interactive Tools

Dig into the data of some of our past reports, including 10 years of tax data across cities, and a vast database which shows how the urban Britain compares to over 300 European cities.

European Cities Data Tool

Explore the data and compare the performance of over 300 European and UK cities on population, employment, business stock and more

Data 22 Nov 2016

Visit Cities Outlook 2018

Cities Outlook 2018 explores how automation and globalisation could impact jobs in cities.

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Recent Data Dashboards

Our dashboards offer a more detailed look at the data and evidence we use in our reports.

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Centre for Cities Data Tool

This Data Tool has been created to allow you to the latest available data on the UK’s 63 largest cities and towns on everything from population, to business start-ups.