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The West of England has elected its first metro mayor, Tim Bowles in May 2017. He has control over the whole West of England combined authority area, working with existing city leaders to take forward his strategic plan. You can find out more about the new metro mayors and how they work on our FAQ page.

The economic and political outlook for the West of England’s new metro mayor

This page brings together the key facts and figures about the West of England economy.

The economic data for the West of England

West of England consists of the following local authorities: Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Understanding how the city-region performs on key areas such as productivity and employment helps the  metro mayor to assess what he should prioritise. The table below shows how West of England compares to the national average on these indicators.

You can also find detailed data on the areas that the metro mayor has most power over on the West of England Metro Mayor Data Dashboard

Key economic indicators for the West of England

What are the policy priorities for the West of England metro mayor?

We outlined a set of priorities that the West of England metro mayor should focus on in his first term. Read them in full, or read more below.

Policy priority 1: A quick win

Get more homes built

  • Signal your intent to build more homes by developing a more ambitious strategic plan for the city region
  • Use the mandate and political capital of office to call for a strategic review of local green belts
  • Look for ways to make development attractive for sceptical communities
  • Widen the scope of the Bristol Land Commission to the city region

Read more about this priority

Policy priority 2: A strategic aim

Build the profile of the West of England economy

  • Promote the businesses and amenities of the West of England across the UK
  • Build international links to make it easier for firms to trade following Brexit
  • Represent a range of industries where firms benefit from international links
  • Build on the profile of West of England’s globally recognised Universities
  • Ensure that a higher national and international profile also translates into benefits for communities across the city region

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Policy priority 3: A longer term vision

Investing in transport to make the city region more accessible

  • Take ownership of the Joint Transport Strategy findings
  • Ensure transport helps to make a coherent city region for all residents
  • Review the strategic decisions on rail extensions bringing together decision makers in City Hall.
  • Champion the West of England’s cycling and walking culture

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What powers does the West of England metro mayor have?

Below is a summary of the powers the new West of England metro mayor has, based on the devolution deal agreed with the government.



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