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North of Tyne

This combined authority includes

The North of Tyne will be electing its first metro mayor on 2nd May 2019.

The economic and political outlook for the North of Tyne metro mayor

This page brings together the key facts and figures about the city-region’s economy.

The economic data for the North of Tyne

The North of Tyne combined authority consists of the following local authorities: Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside and Northumberland.

Understanding how the city-region performs on key areas such as productivity and employment helps the new metro mayor to assess what should be prioritised. The table below shows how the North of Tyne compares to the national average on these indicators.

Key economic indicators for North of Tyne

What will the North of Tyne metro mayor be able to do?

What are the priorities for the North of Tyne metro mayor?

Priority 1: A quick win

Support the city centre

  • Invest in improving commercial space in the city centre to help attract more high-knowledge businesses to the area
  • Bring forward new city centre commercial space, building on existing schemes
  • Create a joint spatial plan that sets out how land-use planning and new infrastructure can best support the North East economy

Priority 2: A long-term priority

Improve skills and education

  • Coordinate action across local stakeholders to improve school performance and lifelong learning through a Skills Compact
  • Evaluate the outcomes of policies to refine future policy approaches to make them more effective.

Priority 3: Strategic decision

Work strategically across the wider North East area

  • Work with leaders across the region to align where new housing or commercial space is developed
  • Open up skills programmes to all local authorities and institutions in the region

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Who is running for North of Tyne metro mayor?

Jamie Driscoll is the candidate for the Labour party; Charlie Hoult is the Conservative candidate, John Appleby is the candidate for the Liberal Democrats and John McCabe is running as an independent. Hugh Jackson is the candidate for UKIP.


Join us at the North of Tyne Economy Hustings

We'll be in Newcastle on 18 April, join us and the candidates.

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