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In May 2017 Liverpool City Region elected its first metro mayor – Steve Rotheram for Labour. He has control over the whole Liverpool City Region combined authority area and works with existing city leaders and the mayor to take forward their strategic plan. You can find out more about the metro mayors on our FAQ.

The economic and political outlook for Liverpool City Region’s new metro mayor

This page brings together the key facts and figures about the city-region’s economy. It shows what local residents see as the top priorities for the metro mayor. It also shows what previous elections tell us about voting patterns in the area.

The economic data for Liverpool City Region

Liverpool City Region consists of the following local authorities: Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, St Helens, Sefton and Wirral.

Understanding how the city-region performs on key areas such as productivity and employment helps the new metro mayor to assess what he should prioritise. The table below shows how region compares to the national average on these indicators.

Source: All data publicly available. Contact Centre for Cities for full source details. Averages displayed are either UK or GB average depending on the data available.

What are the policy priorities for the Liverpool City Region mayor?

Before being elected, we highlighted three areas that the new metro mayor should prioritise.

Policy priority 1: A quick win

Make taking a bus easier for communities to access opportunities across the city region

  • Improve the bus network to quickly make a difference in poorly connected areas throughout the city region.
  • Use new strategic powers to prioritise disadvantaged residents and cut off areas, opening up more opportunities and signalling the importance of a whole city region approach.
  • Work with bus providers and other local partners to build complementary rather than competing priorities for the city region.

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Policy priority 2: A strategic aim

Improve the skills of the workforce so more people can access jobs across the city region

  • Help out of work residents to access more jobs across the city region by improving their skills
  • Use the apprenticeship levy to better match businesses with skills providers across the city and improve the quality of schemes through the apprenticeship hub.
  • Build links and networks between city hall, businesses and key education institutes.

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Policy priority 3: A longer term vision

Make improving school performance a top priority for the city region

  • Trial initiatives to boost school performance in the areas of the city region that need it most
  • Enable school leavers to get the qualifications they need to access and create the jobs of the future
  • Make best use of the visibility of the role to challenge schools that are underperforming.

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What powers does the Liverpool City Region metro mayor have?

Below is a summary of the powers the new Liverpool City Region metro mayor has.



What is the political landscape in Liverpool City Region?

Labour’s Steve Rotheram is the current metro mayor and won with 59% of the vote in the first round.  Tony Caldeira the Conservative candidate got 20% of the vote and turnout was 26%.

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Get up to date on the policies and powers affecting the metro mayors by reading our metro mayors FAQ.

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