Inclusive Growth Case Studies

How are cities supporting inclusive growth?

Find out what cities are doing to promote inclusive growth using our case study library.

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Why improve inclusive growth?

In recent years, economic growth has failed to translate into fewer people living in poverty, driving inclusive growth up the national and local agenda.

In this context, it is important that cities find ways to increase revenues, leverage returns on their investment, encourage investment from other stakeholders, and coordinate the spend of organisations within cities to support better outcomes for residents at all levels of the income distribution.

Use the table below to find out more about how and what cities in the UK and abroad have done to improve inclusive growth. These case studies highlight what the cities did and their self-reported outcomes.

Case studies

Case studyPolicy aimLocationCountryLead organisation(s)
1.Using a Workplace Parking Levy to support investment in public transportPromote inclusive growth in transportNottinghamUKNottingham City Council
2. Taxing congestionPromote inclusive growth in transportLondonUKTransport for London
3.Investing in Responsible Finance ProvidersSupport local businessesWest MidlandsUKART
4.Using Municipal BondsPromote inclusive growthBirmingham and WarringtonUKBirmingham City Council
5.Using Local Government Pension FundPromote inclusive growthGreater ManchesterUKGreater Manchester combined authority
6.Mobilising local investmentPromote inclusive growthBristolUKBristol and Bath Regional Capital Quartet
7.Supporting students to remain engagedPromote inclusive growthLondonUKThe West London Zone
8. Using Local Asset-Backed VehiclesPromote economic growth and regenerationSunderlandUKSiglion

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