Youth skills training case studies

Find out how cities can improve their youth skills training opportunities using our case studies library.

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Why improve youth skills training?

Being unemployed at a young age can have consequences that last a lifetime. Youth skills training is essential to ensure young people are endowed with the skills relevant to the labour market.

Cities are in a better position to address the needs of their young residents as they are more likely to have a good grasp of the specific barriers their young people face, how to target the most disengaged and what training and employment opportunities are available. To be successful, cities should engage with employers and training providers, promote new initiatives and target interventions.


Case Studies

Case study Policy aim Location Country Lead organisation(s)
1. Working with employers to create training that replicates real jobs Close the skills gap between supply and demand Chicago Illinois, Us After School Matters
2. Working with employers to provide ‘real-world’ work experience Close the skills gap between supply and demand Boston Massachusetts, US Youth Build Boston
3. Creating alternative routes into the professional service sectors Close the skills gap between supply and demand Cities across the US US Year Up
4. Bringing cross-sector leaders together and keeping them engaged Improve young people’s work preparation Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, US Manchester Bidwell Corporation
5. Local training pacts for vocational training Help young people develop the skills employers want North-Rhine Westphalia Germany Local authorities and central government
6. Developing strong partnerships with employers Ensure young people develop the skills employers want Rotterdam Netherlands Rotterdam’s port
7. Offering flexible vocational training schemes for young people Re-engage young people North-Rhine Westphalia Germany Third Way in Vocational Training Initiative

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