Youth employment programme case studies

How cities can improve youth employment programmes using our case studies library.

Case study library

Why improve youth employment programmes?

Younger generations entering the labour market today face different challenges compared to previous generations. Changing demographics, the increasing number of graduates and the changing shape of the labour market all have an impact on young people’s employment prospects.

Cities can promote youth employment by working in collaboration with relevant organisations, matching supply and demand, increasing the accessibility of services and creating new effective and efficient pathways into employment.


Case studies

Case study Policy aim Location Country Lead organisation(s)
1. Filling the gaps in national provision Provide support to move the unemployed into work Ipswich UK MyGo, Job Centre Plus
2. Mapping out services, identifying gaps and integrating services Improve young people’s employment outcomes Brooklyn, New York City New York, US Sunset Park Alliance
3. Working with ‘anchor’ institutions Close the skills gap between supply and demand Baltimore Maryland, US Baltimore integration Partnership
4. Creating alternative routes into the professional service sectors Close the skills gap between supply and demand Cities across the US US Year Up
5. Promoting city-wide collaboration using mayoral influence Improve young people’s work preparation Boston Massachusetts, US Boston PIC
6 . Leveraging resources and building capacity through best-practice sharing Invest in youth employment programmes Philadelphia Pennsylvania, US Philadelphia Youth Network
7. Using an intermediary organisation to leverage resource Invest in youth employment programmes Detroit Michigan, US City Connect Detroit
8. Using shared data and evidence to drive demand-led interventions Give employers a voice within the workforce development system South East Michigan Michigan, US Workforce Intelligence Network
9. Evidence-based policy making Improve young people employment prospects New York City New York, US Centre for Economic Opportunity
10. Tacking policy barriers through effective collaboration Improve disconnected young people employment prospects Cities across the US US Performance Partnership Pilots
11. Using targeted interventions Diminish negative consequences of dropping-out of school Antwerp Belgium Youth Competence Centres
12. Preparing young people for job placements and providing support Re-engage young people Vancouver Canada Blade Runners
13. Delivering a wide range of services for young people Address barriers to work for young people Hertfordshire UK YC Hertfordshire
14. Designing and delivering programmes through the Youth Employability Service Re-engage 16-18 years old NEETs Brighton UK Youth Employability Service
15. Delivering greater efficiency and better outcomes through flexibility Reduce the number of young people NEET Worcestershire UK Total Place Pilot
16. Creating a simple and coherent vocational pathway Improve school to work transition London UK Local authorities

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