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Find out how cities can improve their education offer using our case studies library.

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Why improve education?

Improving education outcomes in a city can have a positive impact on its economic growth. People continuing into higher education are more likely to have better employment prospects and earn high wages. Education can also be a powerful tool to improve social mobility and open up opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Cities can ensure their education offer is relevant to the needs of both its students and employers by promoting education initiatives and programmes, providing financial help to students and working closely with providers and employers.


Case studies

Case study Policy aim Location Country Lead organisation(s)
1. Providing college scholarships and ensuring students are ‘college ready’ Improve young’s employment prospects Kalamazoo Michigan, US Kalamazoo promise
2. Promoting city-wide collaboration using mayoral influence Improve young people’s work preparation Boston Massachusetts, US Boston PIC
3 . Using a collective impact model to establish shared goals Deliver better education outcomes Chicago Illinois, US Thrive Chicago
4. Using neighbourhood-based collaboration to establish shared goals Deliver better education outcomes Bronx, New York City New York, US Bronx Opportunity Network
5. Providing federal support for evaluation Promote education for low income, low skilled adults and youth Cities across the US US Pathways for Advancing Careers and Education
6. Breaking the poverty cycle through education Prevent youth unemployment New York City New York, US Harlem Children’s Zone
7. Increasing academic performance through early interventions Prevent youth unemployment London UK Department of Education
8. Promoting career planning and aspirations Help young people develop the skills employers want Cities across the US US Career Academies
9.Supporting students to remain engagedPromote inclusive growthLondonUKThe West London Zone
10.Using data to identify children's needsImprove uptake of Early Years educationLondonUKIslington Council
11.Finding new ways to experiment and act as a test bedPromote and share best practice in the Early YearsBournemouthUKEasyPeasy
12.Using local leadership to make provision more efficientImprove education and training provisionBoston, MAUSBoston Compact
13. Creating a common framework to improve educationImprove education and training provisionLiverpoolUKSchools Improvement Liverpool

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