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Why improve air quality?

With the continued rise of emissions and illegal levels of pollution in many places, air quality is increasingly recognised as a serious public health issue. Cities are primarily affected and policy makers have come under increasing pressure from voters, campaigners and health professionals to find solutions to reduce emissions.

Case studies

Case study Policy aimLocationCountryLead organisation(s)
1.Restricting vehicle access into the city centreCleaning up the air we breatheParisFranceNational government
2.Reducing idlingCleaning up the air we breatheNew York CityNew York, USNew York City authority
3.Encouraging the use of public transport by restricting car ownershipCleaning up the air we breatheFreiburgGermanyFreiburg City Council
4.Investing in cycling infrastructureCleaning up the air we breatheCopenhagenDenmarkCopenhagen City Council
5.Reducing congestion by introducing a demand-based parking-systemCleaning up the air we breatheLos AngelesCalifornia, USLos Angeles department for transportation
6.Introducing a congestion charge to the city centreCleaning up the air we breatheMilanItalyMilan City Council
7.Changing the flow of trafficCleaning up the air we breatheBarcelonaSpainBarcelona City Council

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