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Our case studies can help large cities and towns achieve their ambition using the powers that they have and learning from UK and international peers.

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2: Luton’s approach to attracting investment

In 2016 Luton launched their investment framework, in a bid to raise the profile of the city and attract private sector investors and developers to the city.[footnote]For further information see:...

Case study 18 Jul 2017
1: Southampton’s approach to attracting investment

Over the past two decades Southampton’s approach to attracting investment has been bolstered by proactively seeking investors and strategically planning the exact developments required to...

Case study 18 Jul 2017
5: Newcastle Science Central

Newcastle city centre is the engine of the city economy. High-knowledge firms looking to attract skilled staff from across the wider region and be close to other firms and clients are keen to...

Case study 6 Jul 2017
3: Lincolnshire Business Support Network (LINBIS)

Lincolnshire Business Support Network was set up by four Lincolnshire local authorities to encourage SMEs and start-up activity in the local area, which has traditionally had low levels of...

Case study 6 Jul 2017
2: Manchester Creative Credits

Creative Credits is a business-to-business voucher scheme initially proposed by NESTA. The vouchers worth £4,000 are issued to SMEs that can spend them on buying services from creative companies...

Case study 6 Jul 2017
1: Black Country Reinvestment Society

The Black Country Reinvestment Society (BCRS), located at Wolverhampton University’s Science Park, was founded in 2002 to provide finance for social enterprises and SMEs in the Black Country...

Case study 6 Jul 2017