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Our case studies can help large cities and towns achieve their ambition using the powers that they have and learning from UK and international peers.

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4: London’s approach to protecting commercial space

London is experiencing particularly intense competition for space. The city is growing fast: the number of jobs increased by 22 per cent (the third highest city growth rate) between 2010 and 2016...

Case study 2 Apr 2018
3: Slough is under pressure to accommodate growth

Slough is experiencing strong competition for space. It has the fifth highest residential property prices of all cities in England and Wales (£4,103 per m2 at sale price) and the sixth highest...

Case study 2 Apr 2018
2: PDR in Manchester is focused on its city centre

How land is allocated within Manchester is an increasingly political topic. Concerns are being raised about the pace of change, for example in the Northern Quarter, and policymakers are having to...

Case study 2 Apr 2018
1: PDR is putting Crawley’s economy at risk

Crawley faces very strong residential demand for two principal reasons. The first is its proximity to London – almost 10 per cent of Crawley’s population commute every day to work in the...

Case study 2 Apr 2018