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Our case studies can help cities to achieve their ambition using the powers that they have and learning from UK and international peers.

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1: PDR is putting Crawley’s economy at risk

Crawley faces very strong residential demand for two principal reasons. The first is its proximity to London – almost 10 per cent of Crawley’s population commute every day to work in the...

Case study 2 Apr 2018
Barcelona: Changing the flow of traffic

Barcelona is aiming to reduce emissions by changing the flow of traffic to allow more cycling and promote pedestrian friendly neighbourhoods. Barcelona’s urban mobility plan explores...

Case study 24 Jan 2018
New York City: Reducing idling

To reduce unnecessary emissions from idling vehicles parking or stopping, New-York City introduced an anti-idling law in 2009. Inside areas where the law operates, no one should allow the...

Case study 24 Jan 2018