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Our case studies can help large cities and towns achieve their ambition using the powers that they have and learning from UK and international peers.

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6: A century of change in Brighton

Brighton’s tourism industry first developed during the 18th century, when claims that the seawater had healing benefits drew in wealthy visitors. By 1911, tourism and entertainment made up...

Case study 4 Mar 2015
5: A century of change in Blackpool

Blackpool’s growth as a tourist town began back in the 18th century. Its first visitors were middle-class holidaymakers to the seaside, but it was the arrival of the railway in the mid-19th...

Case study 4 Mar 2015
4: A century of change in Sunderland

Sunderland’s rapid growth through the 19th century was mainly due to the mining and export of coal and shipbuilding, and because of the latter it was known as ‘the largest shipbuilding town in...

Case study 4 Mar 2015
2: A century of change in Birmingham

In 1911, half of Birmingham’s jobs were in manufacturing. Known as the “city of a thousand trades”, which no doubt reflected its entrepreneurial dynamism, a large share of its jobs in 1911...

Case study 4 Mar 2015
3: The blank slates – Milton Keynes and Telford

Milton Keynes and Telford were created during the third wave of new towns in the 1960s,[footnote]The London Gazette: no. 44233. p.827. 24 January 1967; The London Gazette: no. 44735. p.13433. 13...

Case study 4 Mar 2015
1: A century of change in Manchester

During the 19th century, the city of Manchester was a major cotton producer and trade centre, well connected on the river Mersey, and supported by its Victorian port, railways and canals. Dubbed...

Case study 4 Mar 2015
City views: How does Sheffield see London?

The Centre for Cities commissioned YouGov to conduct a survey to better understand how people see London and its impact on the country as a whole as well as the city they live in. This summary...

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