City Horizons: Gavin Kelly and Nick Pearce

What will Britain look like once the Brexit storm clears?

Join us on 16 July for the next in our series of City Horizons events where our speakers will discuss their new book Britain Beyond Brexit.

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Cities' economies are built on people - and migrants to the UK are more likely to move to urban areas. What will be the effect of Brexit on the supply of low-skilled and high-skilled workers to city employers?

Economic impacts

Good deal, bad deal or no deal, how will UK cities be affected by Brexit? What are the risks and what are the opportunities? Are different places better placed to adapt their economies?

City Talks
City Talks: how will Brexit affect cities?

Series: City Talks

A flurry of assessments of various Brexit deals has been released over the last week or so, each looking at the different impacts that leaving the EU will have on the economy. Only the...

Podcast 3 December 2018
With or Without EU?

Gabriele Piazza and Naomi Clayton

EU migration is vital to the success of cities, and this includes migrants with both high and low skills.

Report 22 Aug 2018

Devolution and Brexit

Government's time and attention is being taken up by the complexities Brexit and people feel alienated from Westminster and Whitehall. Greater devolution to cities would fill the void - and help bridge the divide.

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Did homeowners cause Brexit?

Anthony Breach

Housing is connected to how people voted in the referendum. Any politician who wants to address our Brexit divides will need to end the housing shortages in our growing cities

Blog Post 19 Jun 2019
How do cities trade with the world?

Matt Whearty

As Britain prepares to leave the EU, our new trade report finds that services make up the majority of all city exports and examines how a goods-only customs arrangement might affect jobs and prosperity

Report 22 Apr 2019