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Beyond the High Street: The economics of independent shops

Paul Swinney

A key element of the debate around the High Street is about supporting independent shops. But the ‘them v us’ mentality that appears to underpin this argument isn’t helpful - independent shops are governed by exactly the same principles that chain High Street retailers are subject to.

Blog Post 4 Oct 2013
Conservative Party conference 2013

Alexandra Jones

Manchester's Conservative party conference was a "steady-as-she-goes" event, focused on demonstrating economic competence, the merits of sticking to Plan A and the dangers of voting for Labour.

Blog Post 3 Oct 2013
Beyond the High Street: Engines of growth

Dmitry Sivaev

The Conservative Party conference is well under way in Manchester today and the economic recovery agenda at the heart of the current political debate Manchester is an appropriate place to host these conversations.

Blog Post 1 Oct 2013
Labour Party conference 2013

Alexandra Jones

The sun certainly shone on Labour's conference in Brighton - the weather was beautiful and the beach cafes packed full of suited delegates. But will the good weather last for Labour?

Blog Post 25 Sep 2013