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Political gains, economic realities

Paul Swinney and Andrew Carter

The political imperative for investing in the North and Midlands is clear from last month’s election. But the Government must work with economic realities if it is to deliver for the voters who delivered its majority.

Blog Post 27 Jan 2020
Mayors: the run-up to 2020
What kind of mayor does the West Midlands need?

Henrietta Brealey

One who will use their clout to turn glittering opportunities into meaningful local benefit and tackle the underlying issues lurking in the shadows, says Henrietta Brealey, Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce.

Blog Post 22 Jan 2020
Will scrapping HS2 hurt the north of England?

Paul Swinney

HS2 will only level up the north if it is treated as a small part of a broader package of investment that includes improving transport within cities and people's skills.

Blog Post 21 Jan 2020