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Why do mid-sized cities matter?

Tom Bolton

Can you name the largest city in England? London, of course. The next largest? A little harder, but Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, Bristol, and Nottingham slip fairly easily off the tongue...

Blog Post 21 Jun 2013
Cuts without reform will leave cities struggling

Alexandra Jones

A week yesterday, the implications of the Spending Review for public policy and public services around the country will be starting to sink in. Yet even before we know the exact numbers, we can make some confident predictions about what the Spending Review will mean for cities.

Blog Post 20 Jun 2013
Lessons from Kiev

Dmitry Sivaev

The week I spent in Kiev working on ideas for a derelict industrial site flew by in a flash. It was a week of hard work and incredibly fast learning. Now I finally have a chance to digest what happened and share lessons and experiences.

Blog Post 14 Jun 2013
Blast from the Past: Bigger, Better, Smarter

Tom Bolton

The UK is one of the most centralised countries in the world”, but the Government has “the perfect opportunity to develop political and financial arrangements that help Britain’s cities perform better”. The headline messages in Centre for Cities’ second-ever report, Bigger, Better, Smarter published in 2005, sound as relevant now as they did then.

Blog Post 6 Jun 2013
Cities Question Time

Alexandra Jones

Would Birmingham and Manchester be better off without London? Should we be deliberately rebalancing city economies away from financial services and towards manufacturing? And what would it take to make some “fragile” Local Enterprise Partnerships work?

Blog Post 6 Jun 2013
The chance to rebuild a city

Dmitry Sivaev

This week is not an ordinary week for me. Just as Londoners were leaving the city for their Bank holiday destinations, I took a plane to Kiev...

Blog Post 30 May 2013
Blast from the past: Innovation, science and the city

Matt Thompson

In the current environment of rising unemployment, economic stagnation and the search for growth, previous research can shed some light on the role that universities can play in our city economies.

Blog Post 23 May 2013