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Cities, long-term unemployment and the Work Programme

Naomi Clayton

"Boom Britain" The Evening Standard's headline last night seems a bit premature - whichever way you look at it. And Mark Carney agrees; interest rates will stay at 0.5 per cent until the unemployment rate falls below 7 per cent.

Blog Post 7 Aug 2013
Blast from the Past: City Markets

Naomi Clayton

‘Rebalancing’ remains a mantra for Government. But the scales still tip towards our most affluent cities.

Blog Post 1 Aug 2013
Detroit’s Bankruptcy: Where did it all go wrong?

Zach Wilcox

£12 billion. That’s the amount of bad debt the US city of Detroit had when it filed for bankruptcy this week—roughly equal to the yearly revenue spending of Manchester, Newcastle and Leeds combined. So, how does a city get itself into that position?

Blog Post 19 Jul 2013
London 2030: Tackling growth challenges

Tom Bolton

Now is a good time to debate London’s future. Major reports, setting the policy agenda, have been published in the last few weeks...

Blog Post 5 Jul 2013
Spending Review Act Two: Single Local Growth Fund

Alexandra Jones

A week on from last Wednesday’s Spending Review and last Thursday’s ‘Investing in Britain’s Future’ statement, what more do we know about what it all means for cities?

Blog Post 4 Jul 2013
Spending Review: Act One

Alexandra Jones

Today's Spending Review is the first half of a two act play - today was about Departmental cuts; tomorrow is about growth. So what's the verdict for cities so far?

Blog Post 26 Jun 2013
Why do mid-sized cities matter?

Tom Bolton

Can you name the largest city in England? London, of course. The next largest? A little harder, but Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, Bristol, and Nottingham slip fairly easily off the tongue...

Blog Post 21 Jun 2013