Zach Wilcox

Senior Consultant, City Economics at Arup

Zach was an author on Urban Voices: The UK City Leader’s Survey, produced in partnership by Centre for Cities and Arup.

Zach Wilcox is an urban economist and consultant in Arup’s Integrated City Planning practice. He has over ten years of experience as an economist in the US and the UK, including four years working for Centre for Cities researching local government funding and finance policy and city-region governance.

Zach’s involvement in local government funding and city-region strategy puts him at the forefront of urban governance, funding and finance issues facing cities. He has worked with local councils, LEPs, Whitehall departments and private companies to provide research and advice for economic development strategies, programmes and policies. Zach’s recommendations have been adopted by city councils and in Whitehall to shape policies around business rates reform, combined authorities and integrated infrastructure development.

He authored a chapter in the book Devolution and the UK Economy titled “Prospects for devolution to England’s small and medium cities.”

Zach Wilcox's recent work