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Cities Outlook 2024

As well as providing a deep dive into the latest economic data on the UK’s cities and largest towns, Cities Outlook 2024 looks back at how cities have fared since 2010.

The UK's housing crisis

Centre for Cities' latest piece of work on housing delves deep into the history of the UK's housing crisis and finds that the UK has a backlog of 4.3 million missing homes.

The UK's productivity puzzle

London's productivity growth has stalled since 2007, explaining a large part of the UK's 'productivity puzzle' and leaving it trailing behind its global peers.

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The rise of hybrid working

Three years on from lockdown, central London workers spend on average 2.3 days in the office per week. Will a London running on 59 per cent of January 2020’s office attendance levels be enough to drive up the UK's long term productivity and prosperity?

Cost of living crisis

Explore Centre for Cities' debut research and analysis into the UK's cost of living crisis and how it is playing out across the UK.

Cost of living tracker

The UK is in the grip of a cost of living crisis, and there is a clear North-South divide in how it is playing out across the country. Explore the latest data for your city or large town.

Data 19 Apr 2023

Levelling up

Centre for Cities advocates that levelling up should improve standards of living across the country and help every place to reach its productivity potential, with a focus on improving the performance of the UK’s biggest cities as a means to address regional inequalities.

So you want to level up?

Paul Swinney

In advance of the Government’s forthcoming Levelling Up White Paper, this briefing sets out what the levelling up agenda should aim to achieve and a strategy for achieving it.

Briefing 17 Jun 2021

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Cities Outlook 2020

Kathrin Enenkel, Valentine Quinio and Paul Swinney

Poor air quality impacts on the health of residents and workers in cities in particular. Cities Outlook 2020 calls for urgent action from local and national government to clean up the air we breathe.

Report 27 Jan 2020

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