We support the growth of UK city economies by producing evidence-based research, within five main drivers of economic growth. The way cities manage their funds and invest in their people and infrastructure; the dynamism of their business base; the skills levels of their workforce and the employment available to them; and the strength of their leadership are all factors which can affect cities' economic performance. Within each driver we offer reports, briefings and convene events with analysis and policy recommendations to support all UK cities to prosper.

Finance & Tax

Like any individual or business, cities have to be smart about the way that they spend, manage and invest their money. But here in the UK, cities have limited say over how money is spent. If UK cities are to fulfil their potential and compete globally, then they need more control to raise, spend and retain money locally.

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Business & Enterprise

The ability of businesses to innovate is key to driving productivity growth and economic prosperity within UK cities and understanding the role that place has in this is essential. For UK cities to maximise their performance, they must be empowered to provide businesses with an environment they can thrive in.

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Housing & Transport

The provision of good quality and affordable housing, which is well connected by road and public transport to jobs, shops and services, is vital to the success of UK city economies. But these challenges facing UK cities vary significantly. For UK cities to fulfill their potential, they need the power and funding to focus on their distinct needs.

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Employment & Skills

UK cities are the primary generators of jobs in the UK economy. Yet the number and types of jobs on offer varies significantly between UK cities, reflecting in part huge differences in skills profiles and education in different places. UK cities need more influence over local skills programmes, to ensure local businesses needs are met.

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Leadership & Devolution

Strong, clear and accountable leadership is vital to UK city success. Yet city leaders in the UK currently lack the power to direct investment locally, or take the decisions that could drive future growth. To flourish in the years ahead, UK cities and city-regions need more powerful and visible leaders, backed by robust governance structures.

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